How will we grow the wheat of the future?

At the Hectare, we are creating a new blueprint for sustainable farming revolution.

The Hectare at Slush 2019

Indoor farming

Our Beliefs

We believe that Indoor farming can revolutionise the way we produce our food. But nowadays it is only viable for leafy greens and the technologies are locked by patents. We are building an open-source system that frees the hectares of land that feed the world today.

The Challenges

New Plant Breeds

From more than 400,000 varieties of wheat, we will find the more suitable ones to grow indoors and with the greatest nutritional value.

Improve Processes

We will combine speed breeding, energy conversion and sensor technologies to make the indoor-harvest  sustainable.

Open to Innovators

We will create a open platform for innovators to share experiments, data and designs to accelerate the indoors agriculture revolution.

About us

We are Florian, Chiara, Marcos and Ewan. The four of us are agricultural scientists with experience in plant genome editing, photosynthesis, soils and plant protection.

We came together while working at Rothamsted Research because we want to challenge the way agriculture is done today. We aim for a new system to produce nutritious food in a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable way.

Become part of the revolution

If you are passionate about indoor farming and you want to join the community that will change the way we feed the world